Pride and Prejudice:

A second World wAr Adaptation


Character Lineup

P&P_Character Lineup-Fix.png
Lizzy Expressions2.png

Expressions and Pose Explorations

Darcy Expressions.png

The Bennet Family & Other Characters

Bennets Group.png

Lady Catherine De BOURGH, Darcy's AUNT

Lizzy and Darcy - Relationship Timeline

Pride and Prejudice Study

Pride & Prejudice (2005)

Film Studies

Personal Work

Character Design


"Mother and Child" / "Lion of Judah"

Inspired by The Book of Revelation


BAH Sheepwear "GAP" Advertisement Parody

"American Beagle Outfitters"

Life Drawing

Tree girl character.JPG

Conté, 30 minutes (top)

Charcoal, 5 minutes (gestures)

Below - Pencil + Digital Colour

Thanks for looking! 

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